Alex Lora

Alex Lora is a Mexica musician that was born by the name of Jose Alejandro Lora Serna in Mexico in the year of 1952. He was always seen as a talent that would be able to build upon his musical skills and had a chance to get the chance to showcase his musical talents as he would be the frontman for the band El Tri which is the band that he would be the leading face of for over forty years.

In 2006, he would be noted by some of the Mexican musical websites as being one of the best legends for Mexican music. This would come about as the honor because of all the awards that he had managed to obtain during the career he had as a musical legend. In this home city, he has even been given the distinct title of Distinguished Pueblan Citizen, which is a mighty honor coming from his home city and it is definitely an honor that he earned with his career. Lora would also be one of the musicians that would be honored in Miami as he was given the keys to the city, which is a very high honor as anyone knows.

During his time with El Tri, he would be the front man as mentioned, but this would be the start of his career and fame as well. The band, which is still fairly active in the modern times was formed in 1968 and would produce some of the most popular music that people could get as it would help them out in getting the best sounds that would help to expand the Mexican music genre even more than what people were expecting and this really helped the band expand on their musical knowledge and song base.

As part of the band, Lora would help El Tri come around to several different styles of rock. This type of rock would be adapted to what was going on at the time as the band would have the psychedelic rock to the heavy rock, to even the blues type of rock music. All of this would help to bring the band the versatility that would keep it popular with a wide fan base and make it easier for the fans to continue to support the team and know the band was still around and relevant to the musical world that was going on at the time.

The group has had a fairly moderate level of success on the Mexican music scene as it would gain multiple gold records in Mexico. This helped to prove the authenticity of the band and the musical standard was set by the band for a lot of reasons. However, the band was one that also had the sticking power which compared to most of the modern bands that are together for only a few years it is easy to see the band is one that has the staying power for years to come.

One aspect that Lora was noted for with his time with El Tri was the ability to write the songs. These songs were based on his personal experience for the most part. However, he would also take the suggestions of the fans and turn them into songs as well. These songs would be the ones that would help to drive the success of the band for years to come. In 2006, though, the band would lose their recording deal and that was mainly because the record label the band was signed with could not keep up with all the counterfeiters who were selling the bands music cheaper than what the label could produce it for.

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