Angeles Del Infierno

When you think of rock music some of the common names that would pop into your mind will be the likes of Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Megadeath. However, one band that pops into your head if you are a fan of the Spanish rock is the heavy metal band from the Basque country and that is Angeles del Infierno. Now, if you are not familiar with this band, you may want to learn about the band so you can learn more about what they offer you and how this band is one that had an impact on the Spanish rock scene.

In the early stages, you will see the band did have to wait for a long period before they finally reached a decent record deal. In fact, the band would be formed in 1980 under the name Angeles del Infierno. However, the literal translation of the name into English is Angels from Hell. So this is a great band name and o0ne that could easily catch on at the time of the band names. Not only that it could be seen as a comparison for the older generation of what they thought the rock music was going to be like and how it would change the scene of the Spanish scene as well.

The band would eventually wait a total of four years before they would finally sign a record deal with Warner Brothers. This deal that was inked was definitely one the band would see as a big break. This big break would come from the increased exposure of the music to other people and allow for a broader reach of the music to the other fans. This larger reach actually allowed the band to become wildly popular across Spain and even into Latin America and that was definitely something the band would enjoy as the popularity would continue to grow in the 1980s and even into the 1990s.

The band would fall apart for a little bit, but would finally reform in 2003. When they reformed they were able to put together another album that was going to see quite a bit of popularity as well. This record would allow the band to enjoy even more freedom and see the popularity start to come back to them and finally allow them to see that they were not forgotten by the fans at all.


The first release on an album the band had was in 1984 after signing with Warner Brothers. However, the song was one that would get quite a bit of popularity from it, but also be critically acclaimed as well. The first album was actually called Pacto con el Diablo which when it is translated into English actually means Pact with the Devil. So it is easy to see why this song would have been held so critically as well since the band did form in a very staunch Catholic country and one that did not really want to talk about those types of issues.

The band would go on, being led by Robert Alvarez in the guitar position to have several different hits that were going to be very popular in the series. The main song that people will notice that was mentioned quite a bit is Maldito sea Tu Nombre which is a great song and one that a lot of people in Spain and Latin America have heard of before. Even if they do not know the name of the song, it is one that has the beat that seems to stick with you and keeps you going all day long as you cannot get it out of your mind.

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