Baron Rojo

Discover Baron Rojo – A Popular Spanish Heavy Metal Band

When you think of Spanish heavy metal bands one name that needs to come into your brain is Baron Rojo. This is one Spanish band that actually made it very large in the music scene and even managed to find themselves landing on the Rolling Stones list of the 50 best Spanish rock bands of all time. So it is very easy to see that this is a band that is wildly popular and definitely a band that is going to have quite a bit in the way of history to learn about.

The early years of the band would see them formed in 1980 and this was something the band would never have expected to take them on the trip they have had so far. Now, the band would not make the mistake that some of the newer bands would make and that was to release an album right away. Instead, the band would wait a full year and in 1981 they would release Larga Vida al Rock and Roll. This is an album the band was happy with and while it did not really gain them the popularity the band would have liked right away it did help them in getting the media exposure as the band would have the album actually get certified as a gold album.

To help with the promotion of the album the band decided they would branch out from the region they were formed in. This would lead to the band touring Spain and getting some of the extra exposure they would have wanted to have and would help them in getting the album to become so popular and allowed them to get the new fan base that so many heavy metal bands of the time craved.

When it was time for the band to record their second album, which came out in 1982 the band would move to London. This move would allow them to have additional exposure as the recording studio they would be in the studio that was owned by the frontman of the band Deep Purple. That allowed the band to have some comfort as they knew that when they have seen the interest from this type of musical talent that they were going to be something and this was the first glimmer of the stardom that would come from the band in the future. What is interesting is this is one album the band would release two different versions of. The band would release the Spanish version, but at the same time thanks to Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden the band would also release an English version as well, which would increase the band’s exposure.

By the time 1986 would roll around the band would already have had four different studio recorded albums released and the band would also have two very popular live albums that were released as well. This is definitely a lot of work for a band that was only formed in 1981 to have that many albums being released in such a short time period.

The band, like all of the popular bands of the time, would have some comings and goings. However, what is really interesting is the band would also have some issues as they would rotate out some members and would only do some reunion tours in some of the more recent times. So this is definitely something the band is well known for. The best part is even in the modern rendition of the bandit still has a couple of the original band members who would have founded the band in 1980.

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