Division Minuscula

Are you trying to find out some information about some of the great Mexican rock bands? If you are then you will want to make sure you know about all the different bands that are noted for some of the famous lyrics, songs, and even the way the band has been performed over time. This includes one of the Mexican rock bands that you are going to fall in love with and that is the Division Minuscula. Since this is the case, it is time to explore this band some more to make sure you are ready to see why this band is so popular.

The band is one that has been together currently for 22 years as it was founded in 1996. This band is one that has been able to stick together because of the tightness of the band members, but also from the fact that all the band members are heavily involved in the band. The band was founded in Matamoros, Tamaulipas and it is a band that still has the original founding members interacting with the band. The band did have one founder leave the band, Ricci Perez, for four years. However, he decided to return to the band in 2011 and has been a member again ever since coming back to the band.

When the band came together as a group they would hook up with Toy Hernandez. Now, his name may not sound familiar, but if you have listened to the band Control Machete you will recognize the name as he is the agent who ended up getting them onto a recording label as well. However, what you will really like with Hernandez is he also provided Division Minuscula with the break they would need as well as they would sign with Sones del Mexside which is a great label that you are going to know the name as being one that is well known with the Mexican rock scene.

In 2001 the band would call it quits for a short time frame. However, this allowed the band members to grow and mature some more and they would come back together in 2006 to record and release a new album. This new album is one that would show to the band they were still a popular group and one that would have some success. When the band did reunite it would only be with three of the original four members as the fourth member of the band would come back to the group in 2007.

The band would also come back together to get a couple of nominations for the MTV Latin America Video Music Awards. They would be nominated for the Promising Artist category and they would also be nominated for the Best Alternative Act. The downside is the band was unable to secure a win, but the nomination alone was enough to acknowledge that people knew who the band is and definitely would put them on the forefront of the Latin American music scene for the awards they were nominated for.

Defecto Perfecto, which was the album the Division Minuscula would release in 2006 would be certified as a gold album in 2007 by AMPROFON. So this was definitely an honor the band liked to obtain as well and would help to put the band in the forefront of the people who were looking at the bands music as well. Since that time period of winning the Gold, the band would release three albums with the latest album coming out in 2016 and it would be entitled Secretos and it would come out as an EP.

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