El Gran Silencio

When you are studying some of the Mexican music you will find that the country has managed to produce some huge acts, but they have a wide range of musicians as well. That is when you may want to know more about the bands that you can study and one of those bands that you will want to learn about is El Gran Silencio. This is a band that would actually come from the poor barrios of the region that is known as Monterrey in Northern Mexico, which is definitely something that you would not expect.

The band would be formed in 1993 by brother Tony and Cano Hernandez. The band would actually not be called El Gran Silencio for a long time as the band would actually go by the name La Zona del Silencio which is the name the band started out as. However, the band would find a cassette tape of a band that already had that name and they did not want to have any confusion with the other band and decided it was time to have a name change which is how El Gran Silencio came about as the name for the band.

When the band first started out the brothers were extremely poor. In fact, some fans may have compared them with percussion section the band had to something from Stomp. The main difference is the band would have a guitar and a harmonica that would help them in producing some of the best music they could and easily built a unique character in the musicians who would be looking to turn into one megaband that they were able to start to come into today. The band would continue to use these basics of instruments for an extended period of time as they would be saving money for the real instruments that would make the difference for the band.

The band would have a first recording that would be done on a local label that would get the name out in front of some of the fans. However, the band would finally reach a professional and better-known recording studio in 1998 and would have the first commercial release of an album in that year. The album would be called Libres y Locos.


The first album is one that would actually start to have quite a few waves and even some repercussions in the Mexican rock community as the album is one that would combine the rock music with a rap style. However, at the same time it would be the style that would combine the rap style of lyrics, to the rock music background, but what is really amazing is it all came with the ranchera type of attitude that the fans had never really heard before with this type of band.

The band would go on to release a second album in 2001. In this album, the band would expand more on the musical notes of the available music, but they would be a band that would take and makes the rap style lyrics start to fade quite a bit from the musical albums they have seen done in the past. It would also be an album that would have some reflection to a Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin type of style.

The band currently is up to 7 albums that are out and some of the members have changed in the band. In fact, only one of the brothers is still active with the band. The band is also one that has seen the US charts one time in their career, but they have had a chance to tour all over the United States and Mexico.

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