The Life And Music Of Enrique Bunbury

Enrique Bunbury is a Spanish musician and songwriter known for his time spent with Heroes del Silencio as well as a very successful solo career. It is said that Enrique is the most well known international star of Spanish rock. He has spent most of his life playing music, beginning in the 1980’s and continuing to this day.

In total, he was part of 15 different studio albums, 4 of which were with the Spanish rock band Heroes del Silencio. Many of the albums he played in went platinum on the Spanish music charts, including his most recent album that released in 2017. Over the years, his musical style has evolved and continues to attract new listeners all of the time.

The Early Years And The Heroes

Enrique first began to play music in a high school band known as the Apocalipsis. His passion for music continued to grow over the following years and he would get to share the spotlight with Proceso Entropic. His first major break came in the form of a band named Zumo de Vidrio in 1984.

Enrique originally joined the band to play the bass guitar. However, the founder of the band was extremely impressed when he heard Enrique sing. They decided to make Enrique the main vocalist and began to play in public locations. This was also around the time that he officially adopted the nickname of Enrique Bunbury. Prior to this, he went by his birth name, which was Enrique Ortiz de Landazuri Izarduy.

It was in 1985 that the band Zumo de Vidrio changed their name to Heroes del Silencio. They would go on to record four platinum albums and become one of the biggest Spanish rock bands to ever play. They were signed with EMI records and released their first studio EP in 1987. Their second album, El Mar No Cesa, hit the shelves in 1988 and was their first platinum ranking album. The third album was their best selling, with more than 2 million copies sold and multiple platinum rankings in different countries.

The Heroes del Silencio held their last performance in 1996. This was a huge turning point in the career of Enrique Bunbury. One year later he would begin his solo career and record an electro-rock album.

The Solo Career

Enrique’s first solo album was Radical Sonora. Enrique had also formed a new band with a previous Heroes member and three additional members. His first album received a lot of attention because of his previous success with Heroes. Enrique struggled to create a unique name for himself until 1999 when he completely changed his sound and released a new album entitled Pequeno.

Six years later, in 2005, the band that Enrique had formed would split ways. Enrique would use that time to partner with Nacho Vegas and record a new album.

The following year marked the 20th anniversary of the first performance of Heroes del Silencio. The band reformed for a brief period and performed on a limited tour in 10 cities. After the tour had ended, Enrique immediately went to work on his next album. His music and sound continued to change with time and constantly surprised his fans.

Enrique released his fifth album, Hellville de Luxe in October 2008. The album received a gold certification and sold more than 40,000 units. It was also number on the Spanish Albums Charts for some time.

His career has continued to flourish since then. Enrique released four more albums following the success of Hellville de Luxe. The last of the albums was Expectativas, which was released in 2017 and topped the Spanish Albums Charts.

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