Learn About Genitallica

If you are a fan of Mexican rock then you have probably heard of Genitallica, which is an amazing band that is still touring to this day in 2018. However, what about the band sets them apart? What kind of history has the band had? Where can you find the band? All of this is going to be answered here as the band is one that is simply amazing and definitely one band that you are going to want to learn more about as it will make it easier for you to have quite a bit of information about the band and know just why you should listen to them.

Genitallica is a band that was formed in 1997 by a group of friends, which is the common way for a lot of bands to start out. However, the band is one that would not really come out of the shell for quite some time as the band would be one that would have to rely on word of mouth to help them out for a long period of time. What else is relatively unknown about the band is the fact the group would actually start to form their music based off of the comics the group was creating.

It would take a little while for the band to finally compose what they felt was enough music to put together a demo. The demo would be recorded based off of the music they had already composed in November of 1998. After the band completed the demo video they decided it was time for them to showcase their talent in front of some of the audiences they were trying to reach. This would be really helpful and the demo video the band had released was also well received as the band would sign with Sony Music.

After Genitallica signed with Sony they would move to Seattle to work with a legend in the music industry, Barret Jones. He would help guide the band to sending out their first album called Picas o Platicas. This is an album that would be released in 2001, but recalling the roots the band had with the comics was actually released with the comic that was done by Mario Videgaray and Sergio Moreno. So this was definitely a stretch back to the comic book roots of the band and the music they had composed when they put together the demo video.

Some of the band’s music would then be included in a movie track, which is something else that the band would see as a great claim to fame as the movie was one that did gain some acclaim in Mexico in Por La Libre. So this helped to expose even more people to the music of the band and with the advent of the Internet being easier to use for people it allowed the people to see the band as one that would be able to gain in popularity even more.

The band is still one that is going to be enjoyed today as the band is still touring around the globe. The tickets can be found along with the tour dates on the band’s website and on some of the ticket sales websites. The band is still one that is very popular and definitely going to be a band that is able to continue to grow in popularity as the band continues to make some great music and the music is still some that are going to be featured in a wide variety of places that people are going to absolutely not realize it is Genitallica.

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