Interview With Alan Parsons

welcome ladies and gentlemen we’re here right now my name’s Donald Rogers words here in a very private very beautiful and very honourable moment for me I’m right now about to share them this microphone with a gentleman that I’ve admired for a long time and he’s a legend and he’s been doing a lot of things in this rock-and-roll movement with you with with but I probably present to you mr. Alan Parsons how are you mr. Alan parson very good thanks how are you just very honored first of all for the words for that we could share exactly what is Alan Parsons Project doing because like we were talking to little while ago I’ve seen you year after year coming here to Las Vegas and it’s always a full house but I would like to know how do you feel right now what’s going on with Alan Parsons Project well technically the Alan Parsons Project doesn’t operate under that name in the in the context of live shows we call it the Alan Parsons live project and we have been coming to build a station in Las Vegas for I must be approaching 10 years now and we love this place we love love playing at Boulder station we always get good good reaction here it’s it’s it’s a pleasure to play here how have you filled the people since you know you music has a lot has been a lot of since I believe since the 80s since that hit you have a pyramid can you elaborate a little bit on that from that point to right now because we’re talking a while ago and you still look fresh happy and doing what I mean well the gentleman loves to do well it’s my must be my brand of hair dye I think keeps me looking young yeah I mean you know the the the recording success happened just you know basically between the years 76 to 87 and then there was a long period of inactivity while I continued to produce records for other people but we we put a we put a live band together the first for the first time in I think it was 1994 and then I moved to America in order to get married to my American wife in 1999 and we made an album in 2004 it was called a valid path and to promote that album and to continue to play live which I wish I hadn’t done since since moving to America we put a band together over here all American musicians and we started playing live I think it was in 2004 and we’ve just you know it’s just been coming to play various venues around America ever since you know and thankfully all the stations had us here you know every years since I can remember since the American band was formed beautiful thing that I love about your music mr. parson is you created like this progressive music with pop and you did it in a very unique time at it was when it was the boom of the 80s um how do you feel your audience from that point to this point because we’re talking at least 20 30 years ago yeah you know I mean tastes in music they don’t don’t evolve that much I mean I think you know the the people who were following us then I probably still want to follow us now but what does evolve is is what’s current and you know that it’s it’s you know music rock rock and pop music is essentially a youths culture and the young people always will you know follow fashion and go with the latest thing but I’m I’m rather pleased to say that the people that that my that would have bought our records back then would still probably be bangin there right now what’s what what is your new project what’s your new album ever since you started doing this coming once in a while to Las Vegas and and yet he was starting to get busy again there’s nothing really current musically but I did I did make a DVD series which is actually an instructional program it’s called the art and science of sound recording that’s that’s on on DVD it’s available as a DVD set or you can download it but it’s it’s you know it’s educational instructional is everything you ever want you to know about sound recording so that’s what that’s what I’ve been spending most of my time doing I’m in the throes of making an album now but it’s sort of peaceful one at one at a time and I’m really not sure when I’m going to finish it might be six months from now might be two years from now I don’t know but you know I when the when the mood takes me I get in the studio and do stuff you are you are your profession is a sound engineer correct that’s how that’s how I started and from sound engineering I went into record production and then then I started making records under my own name with with Eric Wilson my my my ex-partner who was you know essentially a more of a songwriter than than a performer and that’s that’s how it all started just with with a two-man team of people you know me as producer and Eric has the the main songwriter and business vanish you know as well well first of all I want to thank you for these moments sharing it here for the 702 like I was turning this is a podcast we’re doing and we’re what we’re doing it’s a mix of different types of music and as you know there’s I mean America is growing and growing and growing in the beauty about the internet it goes a lot of different places we have on our podcast where we do a section of immigration we do astrology we’re doing movies and we do musical talent that’s why again it’s an honor to have you here and is there anything you’d like to share with our audience that if if you have a dream in order what like something to say like in your case from being a sound engineer to be into production and I know you’ve done amazing because the first time you were here in Las Vegas I believe it was in I don’t remember the year but you were with yes at the Hard Rock Cafe and me and my friends from Mexico came all the way just to see you you have a lot of fans all over all over the world is there any anything you would like to say a message for all those people because again it’s it’s a privilege just to be with you sir pleasure for me too it’s it’s it’s it’s so nice that I’ve managed to sustain a career over you know 40 years now essentially and you know just like say thank you to the people who bought the records and come to the shows that you know that keep paying my rent for me so so thank you I’ll just add as a final point if anybody would be interested in that DVD I was just talking about and any news about me in general the website is I thank you and may God keep on blessing you with that beautiful because you are a meal so sir they’re very kind thank you so much

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