Interview With Neil Fallon – Clutch

ladies and gentlemen right here in a very unique and a great opportunity in a very beautiful moment where we have a great bag a great singer up Fred and I probably say this an American talent I introduced with I can use to you mr. Neil fallin the singer guitarist from kludged how are you Neil I’m very well how are you thank you thank you first of all I want to thank you for giving us an opportunity to share what’s happening right now with your great band clutch and what you’re doing and all this great things that are happening right now with the American talent can you tell us right now what’s happening with with clutch what’s happening right now well at this particular moment we’re in Las Vegas we’ve got a show tonight in support of our new record that came out last week it’s called Earth rocker and we put it out on our own label with Weathermaker music and we’re gonna be on tour supporting this record for the rest of the year more or less we’ll take breaks but we know what we’re doing you told me new years okay now it’s very easy to say but right now correct me if I’m wrong right now you’re celebrating your 10th album correct yes how hard has it been to to to survive in this in these times with the rock and roll band doing what you do well we love playing rock and roll live so it’s got it’s taken us to great places that we never thought it’s also gotten us through bad times and that was one thing that could never be taken away from us you know even we got dropped from labels we didn’t stop being musicians and we didn’t stop being friends I think one thing that’s benefited us as we always consider ourselves students you know no matter how long we do it we trying to learn more and work were clutch record always sounds like clutch but we want to always try to do something a little different and challenge ourselves and I think clutch fans take that and yeah some people you know kamon the fact that you know file-sharing killed the record industry but the way I look at it is because of that it allows bands like clutch that aren’t for it or not for everybody you know we have a niche audience but because of the Internet fans can find us and we can find them and we don’t have to sell millions of Records to survive we can sell less records sell them directly to fans and do it full-time and I think that’s a great spot to be in one thing that I really really like about clutch is your voice because your voice is so unique and powerful and I say that because there’s not it’s when I what the first time I got shot here at lunch I was blown away and I wanted to see it what influences do you use or do you think you might naturally have in order to do what you love to do well you know if you this is the first clutch material doesn’t really sound like me and I think I was we were much more rooted in hardcore and punk and it was a lot more screaming going on and I thought melody was commercial and that was kind of naive but I think I slowly taught myself you know how to sing a little bit but I always knew I wasn’t you know of the Robert Plant or or Marriott school of singing so I kind of gravitated towards people like Tom Waits or even you know some hip-hop acts like Chuck D and I also concentrated more on what I was saying as opposed to how I was saying it got us a lot of old blues too and I think the so like Howlin wolf and you know I it’s not a choir boy voice but I think there’s beauty and that kind of you sincerity you know things are perfect it’s kind of boring so I just kind of just kind of go for it see what happens well personally I might from my point of view I I see you like a very white very powerful and anything you do with that voice in the way you do it I congratulate you because first of all of course you do rock and roll and blues but you have this real mystic way of doing it and you know what I want to thank you for that and before you start playing before you start unleashing what’s your train of thought in order to get where you want to well usually an hour before show you know that I just kind of shut everything out and stop talking to people and look we’re at a different side list every night and I’d look through that and then do vocal warm-ups from about a half an hour prior to to Showtime mm-hmm which I didn’t used to do up until you know maybe about a year ago because the old it’s like just like I’m I realize it’s a muscle you gotta warm it up before you exercise and sing a little bit and then just go out there and you know I still get nervous before shows but I think that’s a good thing I think if you excuse the you’re too comfortable you can get lazy and start daydreaming but I think the the fear not fear but the the nerves give you give me an adrenaline rush and just try to focus on you know and keep him I always keep in mind that there’s probably some young kid who’s never saw clutch before and this is our one and only chance to make that impression even though we do this every night for 20 years I try to treat it as like it’s the first and last time we’ve done it amazing I love that I love that because you worry about that one people one person that’s very cool I was gonna ask you if you had an opportunity to share a dream with another rock and roll icon Lord another another band who would that be something that you’ve dreamed about because I mean you’re doing work real good and I’m sure we could do that but something you know like that Oh and I guess mmm isn’t going to be someone performing with some artists but maybe just having conversations what it meant to people that I would consider mentors like like Tom Waits or Lord Nick Cave or Leonard Cohen not necessarily bad Dylan not necessarily people that are from my rock wall because I hang out with these guys all the time and I think it’s more informative to talk to someone who’s coming a little bit from that field and those are some of my favorite songwriters and I don’t think you can ask anybody like what’s your secret because most there are no secrets if you were gonna learn anything would be from a simple conversation like that that movie coffee and cigarettes and if you ever seen that but it’s just conversations between people and that is pretty educational I think right now from the seminar to we do what we do is we portray we look for always a great talent and we and we try to put that where the perspective where it going now what future do you see right now with rock and roll Neal since right now we’re here at the Hard Rock Cafe and you guys are about to play what feat what future do you see because you talked a little while ago about the power of the Internet but what what do you see right now well I see the pros and cons of it all uh I have a kind of romantic nostalgia for when rock’n’roll was very dangerous and was forbidden it was a big threat now it’s everywhere now we’re gonna place called Hard Rock yeah you know cafe and it’s become very accessible in one hand that’s great that a kid can buy a guitar cheaply and see a band on his computer and they’re not a play from YouTube but it’s almost an embarrassment of riches and I think it’s important to always keep in mind that this is something that is fragile and there’s still places in this world where it’s forbidden and even though we have it so easy it’s important to not take it for granted one thing I do notice I’m glad we’re not a band growing up now because there’s so many of them and it seems it would be easy to get lost in the shuffle bands nowadays have to go out and play they put getting a Facebook page up and you know how many likes you have does not make a band it’s getting on stage and I get really irritated when I hear bands complain about know now we have to play because we can’t solve records well you know what live music is tens and tens of thousands of years old records though they’re brand new but they’ve come and gone this is something new so I think I guess it’s a spiritual thing when I participate in performing music you’re doing something that our ancestors did for hundreds of thousands of years and to me maybe it’s because I’m getting older I think about these kinds of things and I appreciate it more in rock-and-roll just one way to do that Wow Thank You Neil I really appreciate that you sharing us a little of your insight on that because that that says a lot about your character a lot about what’s coming up and a lot about music the passion of music I want to thank you sir first of all for doing what you’re doing and at the same time sharing it and we’ll do our best to put out the word to to pay it forward like you’re doing it right now but I just want to thank you because it’s very cool when you have a sincere talk with a great person a young person with all this heart in front and and he’s ready to put it out there thank you very much man and it’s funny it’s not digging ditches

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