La Cuca

Discover The Rock Band La Cuca

If you like Rock music and like listening to music from Mexico then you are sure to have heard of the rock band La Cuca. This is a band that was formed in 1989 but would not have their first concert until Valentines Day of 1990. That is according to the band, but others have reported seeing the band beforehand, but it was not in a true performance type of setting. So this definitely is something the band is proud of because that would be the year they would start to form a legacy as a great band that would last even today.


The band would realize their potential, even more, when they would release their first album. The album was, La Invasion de los Blatidos, this is an album that for a lot of people at the time, definitely those that were used to listening to the beautiful and rhythmic soft sounds of Mexican rock music were shocked to hear as the sound was more of a harsher sound than what was expected and a lot heavier than what the traditional Mexican music of the time was like, even by the rock standards.

The other aspect of the first album that shocked people was the profanity-laced lyrics that were in some of the songs on the album. What else did not make sense is some of the songs were completely out of the base with what they were playing and that made it difficult for some people to really follow what people were thinking and listening to when they were listening to the music. However, this was going to be the calling card of the band that was able to start to make some of the best music that Mexican rock has seen in a long time.

The band would split apart in 1999 for unknown reasons, but the split was going to be very short lived. The band would come back together just a few short years later. That was going to help propel the band to the levels they were expecting to reach and really helped the band out in getting to see more about the level of music that they can perform. Not only that the reunion in 2004 would return La Cuca to the top of the fans hearts as the older fans would hear the new music from the band they loved and the younger generation would be hearing the music for the first time.

The band did stick by the name and meaning of it as well. When the band split up people thought it would be forever. However, the name Cuca in Spanish means cockroach in the shorter terms that people use as a slang. So it is obvious to see that the split would be short-lived, even if the fans thought it would be forever since we all know that you cannot kill a cockroach and they always come back together.

As far as hits the band has made it to the top 10 charts several times with a couple of the songs reaching the number one status on the charts. However, in recent times the highest the band has made it on the charts is to the number four slot. They reached that spot with the song Matame Ante in the year 2006. However, the band is still active and while it is not as wildly popular as they were in the 1990’s with the shocking music they were producing at the time, the band is one that has managed to reach the hearts of millions of fans around the globe.

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