La Gusana Ciega – Mexican Rock Band

If you want to listen to some of the alternative Mexican rock music then you will want to make sure you know about La Gusana Ciega. This is a great Mexican band that a lot of people have heard of before, but they may not realize that it was founded in 1993 originally by three guys. Each one of the guys would be able to play a role in the band as each one of them would have some of the skills that would be needed for the band to be a success that people have managed to fall in love with.

The first run for the band would end in 2002 as the band would split up for a little bit. However, the band would come back together in 2005 and would remain together ever since. As far as finding the labels the band has been able to record under three different labels during their career. The most famous of these labels would be Universal Records. The other labels the band has worked with in the past is Discos Manicomio and they have also worked with Intolerancia as well.

When the band was formed in the 90s it would actually be considered part of the underground Mexican rock music. For the first three years the band was around they would be the one that would have to find some of the different bars and other smaller venues to play in. However, the band would be able to record a record in 1996 and the album was one that would actually be very well received for the band to see some of the success they would like to have with the different aspects of the band is a major success.

The band would actually add another guitarist who had been a former member of rival band Guillotina and that would give the band a very unique sound that was different than what the other bands of the time were able to get. This sound was one that would help the band get to be noticed as a great band of the time. This new sound would definitely be able to be reflected the second album which was just as wildly received as the first album. So this was definitely something the band would see that would help to lead to them getting quite a bit of success.

The band would even be opening for the popular band Oasis as one of the leading and most popular indie Mexican band of the time. This would lead to the band getting quite a bit of exposure and the band would eventually travel to the United States to record their third album. After recording this album the band would see their popularity start to skyrocket and they would go on the road touring a selected and limited number of American and Mexican cities. At this time the band would also start to record the live album they were making as well and this would be a release as well.


The band would go on to record several other albums and these would be received very well as well. The last album, the band released was in 2014. This album would actually help the band out in getting the nomination for the best rock album in the 2015 Latin American grammies. However, the band was only nominated for the award, but still for a band that started off the way they did by playing in bars and not doing much to becoming a band that would tour America and Mexico it was definitely something the band can reflect on in a good light.

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