La Ley

La Ley or The Law is a Mexcian rock band that was formed in Chile. However, this is a band that has had a very active career as it was first formed in 1987 and would remain together until 2005. However, the breakup would be short-lived as the band would reunite in 2013, but would only be together for three years at the time. La Ley was a very popular band when they were together and even in the short reunited period the band was one that was popular and would lead to a gaining that the fans wished would never have ended.


The band, even though they formed in 1987, would not release an album for three years before they would finally come out with an album in 1990. The album was entitled Desiertos, but it was often seen as a failed attempt and one the band wished they would be able to forget as they released a new album in 1991 and it was better received than what the first album was. The second album was called Doble Opuesto which was more widely received and the band started calling this the first release they had in the music world.

The album did have several songs on it that would help to make them into the bigger band in Argentia, Chile, and Mexico. These songs were meant to appeal to the people and it definitely did this as more people listened to the songs and this allowed the popularity to grow large enough that the band was encouraged to release what they would term the second official album release and that was in 1993 and that would be the album they would call La Ley after the name of the band.

The band would tragically lose Andres Bobe who would die in 1994. However, this was a minor set back for the band as they would turn to a new guitarist to help lead the band in the musical world. That would lead to them picking up Pedro Frugone as the new guitarist and even with the change in the guitarist the band was able to remain popular and still produced a lot of the amazing work the people were used to hearing. In fact, this would lead to the band releasing the album that would propel their fans and themselves to a completely new level.

The band would release the album called Invisible in 1995. This album is the one that would take the band from being one of the favorite bands in Mexico, Argentina, and Chile and move it to the levels that people would not have expected in the International rock community. The best song off of the album would be the one that would actually top the charts for a little while and that was the song Dia Cero which was based on one of the Duran Duran styles of songs.

This was the time the band started to change their image as well. They went from being a darker hard rock band to one that wanted to be seen in a different light and started to change to a lighter style for their image. Some of the hardcore fans started to leave the band when they did this, but not all the fans ended up leaving as a lot of them remained and the band continued to rise in popularity. Even to the point that it would bring home two awards in the Latin Amercian music awards which is something the fans really enjoyed seeing. The band would end touring in 2005 as the members wanted to take a break to work on personal projects.

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