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The Band La Union

With ties to punk rock, new wave grew popular in the late 1970s and the 80s. It was in 1982 that the new wave Spanish group La Union was formed. As with most bands, they began on the local scene but eventually spread out. At a time when media was not as widespread as it is today in Spain, La Union dominated the radio with 15 number one hits. They are best known for “Lobo Hombre en Paris.” The song is a tribute to the wild 80s era. Today, the group strives to keep pace with the 21st century and today’s sounds and works to promote on social media.


Who are the members of the established band? Lead singer and co-founder Rafa Sanchez grew up with five brothers, two of whom are painters. Before he joined La Union, he studied to be an architect. In addition to his success with La Union, Sanchez teamed with Miguel Bose with the successful “Manos Vacias.” Co-founder and bass player Luis Bolin began playing bass with classmate Nacho Cano. He’s plays everything from rock to pop to metal to salsa. Guitarist Mario Martinez is another member of the band. He was absent from some concerts due to larynx cancer. Keyboardist Inigo Zabala was with the group from 1984 to 1988. Today, the current members are Rafa Sanchez and Luis Bolin.

La Union has sold more than two million albums. Their albums Living East of Eden, Temptation, Long Distance Train and Great Successes have been the most successful, and they have reached multi-platinum with their music with over 200,000 copies sold. During their recording career, they’ve received awards such as a 2006 double diamond record for their recording history.

At the end of 1983, La Union signed with WEA. Nacho Cano, who is friends with Luis Bolin and Rafael Abitbol produced three of La Union’s songs. They were “Lobo Hombre en París,” “La Niebla,” and “Voracidad.” It was on March 12, 1984, the group La Union launched they’re most successful of the three “Lobo Hombre en Paris.” It sold more than 200,000 copies and stayed at number one in sales for nine consecutive weeks, earning the group a gold record. The music video for the song was directed by Jose Luis Lozano.


The first album for the group was produced in 1984, and it is called “Mil Siluetas.” Songs on this album include such hits as “Cabaret,” “Silvia,” and “Total Eclipse.” In 1985, the group produced the conceptual album “El Maldito Viento.” The album contains such hits as “Altos y Frondosos,” “Entre Rare Flowers,” and “La Máquina del Tiempo.” By 1987, “4X4” was produced, and it’s the last one produced by Cano and Abitbol. It included such hits as “The King of the Ring,” and “San Francisco.”

In 1988, for their fourth album, “Vivir al Este del Edén,” La Union produced it themselves. It is also the time that keyboardist Zabala left the group. In addition, it is the time that La Union began to spread its wings and venture into America and on America stages. They quickly made a name for themselves as the Spanish band to watch.

Their live album was produced in 1992 called “Tren De Largo Recorrido.” There is a Spanish version of The Doobie Brothers’ “Long Train Running” on the album. In 1997, the soundtrack of the Hollywood Monsters video game features the group’s song “Enigmas.” In 2002, their El Mar De La Fertilidad was produced, and many critics call it the group’s best album. It includes such hits as “Vuelve el Amor,” and “Encerrado. More albums continued, with their latest named “No Estamos Solos En Concierto” produced in 2017.

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