Los Amantes De Lola

Another great Mexico City, Mexico, Latin rock band is Los Amantes de Lola or Lola’s Lovers in English. This is a great pop/rock band that surfaced in the 80s and held a strong following throughout the decade riding what was considered at the time to be a rock resurgence in Latin America and especially Mexico. They were most popular at the end of the 80s and into the mid-90s, then they broke up and resurfaced again in the year 2,000 and are still somewhat active to this day. While they’re primarily into the pop/rock genre, they also play some hard Latin rock along with some Latin rock ballads as well.

This Fun Loving Group Of Five Formed in The Late 80s

Roberto Casas Torres (Kazz), Fernando Diaz, Gabriel R. Siqueiros (Gasu), Jose Antonio Maafs, Miguel Diaz and Fernando Diaz formed the original group of five. They received their first notoriety at a competition held in Mexico City called the Yamaha Band Explosion where they reached the finals with a song called “Chica” or “Girl” in English.

Then a local AM radio station called Space59 started a promotion aimed at helping new bands gain new fans. All they had to do was send in a demo record and let the listeners rate it and request it. The Amantes sent in the single “La Flor De Baghdad” or the “Flower of Baghdad” and received wide airplay and thousands of requests. Late that same year of 1987, BMG Records held a contest called “Rock in Your Language” that many rising bands entered.

The Amantes de Lola entered with the song “Don Juan” about the censorship of music and art in the Latin American countries. The song gained a top spot along with the “Flor De Baghdad” song as well. Getting a record contract with BMG records was the number one prize and that’s how their first record was produced.

In 1990 Came Their Fist Full Album

Titled with the name of the band it contained lots of great songs and quite a bit of humor in keeping with their original goal of having a fun time on stage. Most of their best songs like Maria Rosario, Flor de Baghdad, Mama, and Natalia featured the strong and melodic voice of Kazz and he has become one of the more prominent Mexican voices of the era. Their music on the first album is said to sound like the American new wave bands Duran Duran and The Cure, with a solid Mexican cultural attitude as well.

The band performs well on stage and is a top concert attraction. They have a lot of fun in front of the crowd and the people enjoy them. In 1991 they won a Best Music Award in Mexico, plus Best Producer as well.

After that initial round of success their record company, BMG, gave them a large contract and sent them into the studio where they came out with their new album, “The Age Of Terror” or “El Era Del Terror” in Spanish. The first single released was “Para Que” or “For What” and the second was called “Beber de Tu Sangre” or “To Drink of Your Blood” and the album was termed a success.

After several years on hiatus, the band reunited in 2000 to do several live performances that received high acclaim in the music world. They released another album entitled just “3” in 2004 and then another in 2006 called “Cabaret Stories.” They have millions of fans that are still waiting for the band to reform and continue to record. They were invited to the Reventon Superstar performance with the likes of Hombres G, Molotov, Zoe, Nek, and El Tri. They have now released a new single called “Carnivora” which hints that they may soon return to recording and be touring.

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