Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

Discover The Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Band

When you think about ska music you will not think about a lot of the other bands as you will think about some of the American style bands that have managed to make ska music so popular. This could be a mistake, though, as you will find you have quite a few different ska bands to follow and one of those could even be the Argentine-based Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Now, what you need to realize is more about this band so you can see the impact that it has made over time and will help to get the band named one of the popular bands in Argentina when it comes to ska style music.

Now, this is a band that has had quite a bit in the way of activity since it was formed in Buenos Aires in 1985. The band would last for 17 years under the first formation of it before it would finally fall apart in 2005. However, the time apart would not be that long as the band would reform in 2006. The problem is in 2006 the band would only have a year for a reunited time from. Then the band would finally come back together to tour and produce albums in 2008 and they have been together ever since that time.

The first album of the band would be called Bares y Fondas and this, when it was translated, would be called Bars and Boardinghouses in the English translation. This album would be released a year after the band was formed and it was definitely a titled album the band would see as getting them some popularity. In fact, the album would make the band popular enough that they would be able to go on and release a total of fourteen albums.

What else is adding to the exposure and reach of this band is that even with it being considered a ska type of band, the band is one that would have a wide range of musical tones and reach as they would have jazz, ska, rock, reggae, big band, folk, and even funk music as part of the styles that people are going to listen to. This is going to be something that people need to consider because it definitely adds to the exposure of the band and makes it easier for people to get the great sound to the music and allow people to start to like the band even if they do not enjoy the original genre the band was playing in.

What else is really nice for the band is they were recognized for the hard work in 1994. In that year they would win an award on the MTV Latin America awards show and this was definitely something the band did not really expect to see coming, but it was a well-deserved honor for the music they had put out.

As for now, the band is starting into the second generation of family members to be playing on the band. That is because when the return was announced after a long hiatus the band would be back for good in 2008. The band would have to replace some of the musicians that had been in the band before and that is where Florián Fernández Capello would come in and start to play on the guitars for the band and Astor Cianciarulo would be seen on the drums for the band. The involvement of the kids is one way for the band to have some assurance that it will continue into the next generation for people to enjoy the music.

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