Miguel Mateos

Miguel Mateos, the 64-year-old Argentinean rock singer/songwriter also known as Miguel Mateos Zas, was born on January 26, 1954 in Villa Pueyrredón, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is considered, outside of Argentina, to be one of the most prominent exponents of ‘Rock en Espanol’, particularly in the 1980’s when, along with many others such as Charly Garcia, Enanitos Verdes, Soda Stereo, Fabulosos Cadillacs, Virus, Rata Blanca, and Sumo became international stars of the so-called “La Ola Argentina” (Argentine Invasion) of rock music that swept across Latin America, as well as parts of Europe and North America, and that helped popularize Spanish rock music outside of Argentina. This was responsible in part for making a commercially successful industry of the genre.

He is married to Graciela Beccari.

The talented music artist first became known on the local music scene when he became the leader of the band ‘Cristal’. Later, he and his brother Alejandro Mateos formed their own band in 1979 called ‘Zas’. In February 1981 the band Zas appeared live as an opening act for the British rock legends, Queen.

In 1982 the band Zas released a self-titled debut album followed by the album Huevos in 1983. This was after the guitarist Eduardo San and the bassist Raul Chevalier joined the band. In 1984, after issuing the album Tengo Que Parar, the song titled “Tira Para Arriba” by Miguel Mateos y Zas hit the local charts. A live recording that was made at the Coliseo Theater in Buenos Aires called Rockas Vivas was released soon after. The success of that recording is what opened the way for Mateos to perform in four acclaimed shows at Luna Park, one of the most prominent local venues in Buenos Aires at the time.

In 1985 the group toured the U.S., this time with bass player Cachorro Lopez and guitarist Carlos Garcia, and performed the Latin rock masterpiece Solos en America. During the 1990’s, Mateos decided to settle in Miami where he made 4 solo records. In 1998 the bassist Ariel Pozzo and the keyboard artist Mario Maselli joined the band’s new line up and they recorded Bar Imperio.

Some of the highlights of his career include the following compositions:

– Cuando Seas Grande
– Tira Para Arriba
– Lola
– Obsession
– Atado a un Sentimiento
– Mi Sombra en la Pared
– Si Tuviéramos Alas
– Tengo Que Parar
– Extra, Extra
– Y, Sin Pensar
– Salir Vivo
– Lucy en la Tierra con Amantes
– En la Cocina (Huevos)
– Es Por Tu Amor
– Solos en America
– Un Poco de Satisfaccio
– Un Gato en la Ciudad
– Tirar los Muros Abajo
– Es Tan Fácil Romper un Corazón
– Desnúdame
– Malos Pensamientos

He also released the following albums:

Tengo Que Parar was released in 1994
Idolos del Rock Argentino was released in 2002
Rock Argentino was released in 2003
Grandes del Rock Argentino: Hall of Fame ” Historia (Miguel Mateos/Charly García / León Gieco

Miguel made his debut on the Latin scene in 1990 when he released his album Kryptonita on November 30. One of the tracks on the album, ‘Si Tuvieramos Alas’, became an immediate hit, turning Miguel Mateos into one of the fastest growing performers of that time.

His album ‘Grandes Exito is extremely beloved by his fans and features some of the best-known work from his music catalog. The album also contains ‘Potpourri’, the song that has become the most recognized for followers of his gigs. As a result, many other songs such as ‘Grandes Exitos’ have also become sought-after.

After 26 years of performing in the aftermath of releasing the famous ‘Kryptonita’, Miguel Mateos is making a huge impact on the music industry with music lovers still gathering to see him perform in person and sing the most popular songs from his collection.

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