Nortec Collective

Nortec Collective consists of a musical ensemble created by various one or two-man individual production projects. The group gathered together in Tijuana, Mexico, Baja California with a sound genre that mixes electronic sounds with musical instruments and elements of Norteño and Tambora music that resulted in the norteño + techno style, known as ‘Nortec’. Around 1999 the various projects started producing and performing ‘Nortec’ music.


In 2001 the group was assigned a recording contract by Palm Pictures and they released their first album titled “Tijuana Session Vol. 1” under the ‘Nortec Collective’ name. The line-up included Clorofila, Bostich, Hiperboreal, Plankton Man, Panoptica, and Terrestre. A year later Plankton Man and Terrestre left the group. Their second album recorded by Nacional Records was “Tijuana Sessions Volume 3”. The album received considerable critical praise and in 2006 it was nominated for 2 Latin Grammy Awards. The 2008 Tijuana Sound Machine by Bostich + Fussible album was nominated for the 51st Grammy Awards “Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album”.

Nortec Collective stopped functioning as a proper collective in 2008 and the various individual production projects were performed and recorded separately. From then on the full four-member line-up ceased to perform under the Nortec, Colectivo Nortec, or Nortec Collective names.

In the Nortec Collective presentation, Bostich + Fussible, the sounds of accordions and horns are transformed into rhythmic tools that rely heavily on modern sounds instead of the more traditional ones. From its traditional mariachi music to the rock en español of Mexico City, known for bridging the gap between the rich musical heritage of the country and more modern strains and sounds. One of the most vibrant music scenes in the world can be found in Mexico. From the beginning Nortec Collective had a similar goal. The name combines the words “norteno” and “techno” and the group creates music that pairs the traditional sounds of the accordion, bajo sexto, and trumpet with samples of electronic beats.


The songs on the Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich + Fussible fuse the traditional with the modern by transforming horns an accordions into rhythmic tools. The electronic flourishes in “Tijuana Sound Machine” is Nortec Collective’s claim to fame with tracks like “Wanted” and “Brown Bike”. Ramon Amezcua (Bostich) and Pepe Mogt (Fussible) take the lead with a beat that calls listeners to the dance-floor. Mixing folk, electronics and using an iPad this creative group of artists from Tijuana exploded onto the music scene with a new genre. The mixes with their interesting proposal breaks can be heard through a new surround environment. The traditional folk sounds from north of Mexico are present in different areas together with the beats of electronica. The result is a pleasant surprise of excellent music that catches the attention with a totally new type of sound.


Ramón Amor Amezcua Sánchez, a.k.a. Bostich, was born on 10 November, 1962 in Mexico. This talented electronic music composer is a notable character in the electronic music industry, particularly in Tijuana, Mexico, but also internationally in the U.S. and along the Mexico-U.S. border regions. He has written many songs for Nortec Collective, including for Nortec Collective Presents : Bostich + Fussible.
Considered the godfather of Nortec by fans and producers alike, his early music established his style as characteristic of electronic exploration, reconstitution of the snare drum (tarola), fragmentation, tuba sounds and timbres, rhythmic patterns and their combinative possibilities. With this son “Polaris” he marked the genesis of the Nortec music style with its machine gun drum sprays and burpy tubas and has earned several Grammy nominations.

Nortec Collective Presents Bostich + Fussible ‎: Tijuana Sound Machine

This norteno style album under the electronic genre was released on April 27, 2018 by the Nacional Records label.

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