Pito Perez

Pito Perez is a Mexican rock band that has had some moderate levels of success in Mexico and beyond. However, in this people will learn more about the band as a whole and how it started out. The band started in the year 2000 in the Guadalajara, Mexico which is a very popular area for tourist and one that people will probably recognize as being the area that is well known for the mariachi bands and the tequila they enjoy drinking. So this is definitely something that people are going to want to know about because this helped to spread the band’s desire to new levels almost right away because of the tourist in the area seeing the band.


What else helped the band grow in popularity is in 2001 they would enter a music contest. The contest was hosted on the Hard Rock Stage and the winner would get ten grand in United States Dollars and a recording contract. The winner of the contest was none other than the upcoming and fairly new band of the time Pito Perez. Winning this contest definitely helped the band in getting the big break they needed to have to guarantee they would start to become a household name.

Con Mas Poder would be released in the year 2002 and would be received with different reactions depending on what the people were looking for. The album would be recorded at the famous Sonic Ranch and Leboot studios. However, the album itself would have a couple of different locations that it would be recorded in and that included Tornillo, Texas and of course Los Angeles. The best part about this album is it was a little bit longer and would have twelve songs on it.

What was interesting about the first album the band would put out was the fact that it would showcase the different styles and ranges of music. So it was more of a variety style of a rock album and that is something the fans may not have been really used to at the time, but it was something the fans would grow to like as it did prove to showcase what the band was capable of doing. What helped the band out even more in the reach was the fact the band was able to get the brand out to the customers on an almost international level right away when MTV and several other popular music channels picked up the music the band was producing and aired it.

In 2004 the band would again hit the studio and would produce their second hit record. That record is one that would also see them starting to tour again to help them in promoting the album. What is really interesting is the band would be touring with the very popular El Tri Mexican band. So this definitely allowed Pito Perez to get some additional exposure to fans that may have never come out to the concert if it was just Pito Perez, but with El Tri, the fans came out in droves and were exposed to the newer styles of Pito Perez.

The band would have some issues as they would break apart in 2006. This would lead to the individuals who were in the band getting a chance to explore their individual talents, but also have a chance to start to see how much the band meant to them each. That is why in 2010 the band would announce that they would reunite and start to tour again. So the band is back together and it is definitely a great band for people to catch.

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