Ritmo Peligroso O Dangerous

The Mexican rock band Ritmo Peligroso o dangerous is one that has managed to get quite a bit of history and actually has only been going by this name since the year 1987. However, the band is one that has been active for quite a long time as the band would be formed in 1978 and would actually be called Dangerous Rhythm until the year 1984.

The name Dangerous Rhythm is one that would lead to the members of the band consider themselves as being one of the first punk bands for Mexican music. So this is definitely something the band has been able to take quite a bit of pride in. However, for the fans and for the actual classification the band is considered more of a post-punk and a Mexican rock band. So this is more of the official type of classification the band has been able to get to be known by and it is definitely something the band is going to want to be known as now. However, at the same time, the band is one that is still holding onto the claim they have made of being the first punk rock band in Mexico.

With this band, it is one that it would be the one that would have most of the musical lyrics in English. This is something that for the time period was not as popular of a thing to do for a Mexican band. So this is definitely something the band was able to do, but it would allow them to evolve into different sounds and under the new name the band would be able to take these sounds and completely turn them around into a new sound style that would help them in getting the popularity the band would want to have in the 1980s.

The new sounds styles that would come out of the band would come from the singer Piro Pendas. It was his music that would start to become the sounds that the band would see as being the type that would help to propel them to the popularity they would like to have and would be able to obtain. In some cases, the band is still being compared to the punk rock, but with the new singer in Pendas the band has even been compared to some of the musical notions that would be considered the New Wave type of music.

After the release of some of the albums, the band would be known for the band would finally start to see a conversion to the different types of rock music the band would start to become known for. This newer style would even include more of the Latin type of musical style that the fans know the band for producing now. The band would even be able to release their own record on their independent label and this would definitely help the band start to grow in the popularity the band was able to gain.

The band would be asked to perform at an environmental benefit concert as well. This would happen in the year 1989 and it would be held in the WTC Arena in the middle of Mexico City. It was at this concert the band would be able to play one of their hit songs in the form of Contaminado. This song is one that would be seen as the signature song of the band for many years to come. The last album the band released would come out in 2001 and it would be the album the band would have to see have some hits and this would lead to the band putting together a DVD to document the band’s journey.

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