The Vive Latino Festivals

Mexican music is one that has managed to range from the beautiful music you get in the restaurants to the rock music that some bands like La Cuca, managed to make famous. However, it all comes to a head in the annual music festival that is held in Mexico City each year. This music festival that is held each year in Mexico City is called Vive Latino. So what exactly is this festival and what has made what started off as a small festival into one of the most popular festivals in Mexico for music lovers?

Well, this is a festival that started off really small in the year of 1998. The best part is the festival has been going on each year since 1998 with the exception of two years and those were 1999 and 2002. So it is easy to see the popularity of this festival is quite high and definitely something that people are going to like because it really brings together quite a few different styles of music with a large number of musicians that provide different music than what you were expecting.

This is a festival that does take place in the springtime as well. So people do not have to worry about the summer heat being too much for them to tolerate when they are at the festival. At the same time, people will notice the festival will be going on around Easter in most years as the festival is in March or April depending on the date the organizers have set for the starting point of the festival.

When you look at this festival you will find that it has ranged from anywhere from two stages at a time to four stages at a time. All of these stages have been a major plus as it has allowed a lot of new and upcoming talented bands to come together to showcase their talents and music to millions of fans. The best part is the bands, for the most part, are not the well-established bands and they are not limited to just Mexico as the organizers scour the Ibero-American region for the bands that are going to be a good fit and will be able to provide the music that people are going to want to listen to for years to come.

As for the amount of time the festival last it typically varies as some of the starting days out of the festival were lasting only a day or two. However, the festival now lasts at a minimum of two days and in some cases, it will go up to three days. However, the festival is one that people look forward to attending all year long to make sure they are able to catch the latest bands and see what kind of music is going to come out for them to listen to.

As for the genre of music the festival does mainly invite the rock musicians who are going to be able to play a great amount of music for the festival and tends to keep the music going. However, the festival does not limit themselves to only this type of music as it does have a tendency to allow a wide variety of music into the festival. The festival organizers, do tend to keep rock music as the main focus as 2007 did prove to be a disaster for some of the bands and one of the bands was booed off of the stage and even had bottles and other items being thrown at them when they were on the stage performing.

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