Interview With Beware Of Darkness

hello everybody right here out outside the vinyl and the Hard Rock Cafe where I had a very unique opportunity to listen to this real to the span ID I never saw it before but I saw its intensity their music and I’m here with the singer of beware of darkness yeah hi it’s great to meet you it’s good to talk to you Kyle Kyle first of all I want to thank you because I did not know what to expect but you guys were very intense very passionate and I just would like to see if you could give us a little history here on the 702 news comp what’s up with you guys we’re from Los Angeles and we formed two years ago and we have our first record coming out where it were a three-piece rock band so our first records coming out in May May 7th it’s called Orthodox so who do you guys think your influences because I mean I saw a lot of hand ryx I saw a lot of the doors I saw you it’s funny cuz you’re the third person who say the doors tonight and I don’t like the doors at all but like I feel like we take bits and pieces from everywhere like I love the freedom of Hendrix you know but then I love like Fiona apples lyrics you know and Zeppelin and the Beatles so I feel like we take pieces of everything Kyle how many albums do you guys have we only have an EP out we have a four-song EP sore on our first record written May 7th it’s called Orthodox yeah well anyway here at the 7th of June news we’d like to know everything that’s happened with that has to do with you guys because it’s beautiful when you have an opportunity to share the microphone yeah people and have passion and you know what yeah see that’s exactly what it is you know I’m really really really excited because we’re doing side by Southwest we’re gonna do a UK tour after that and then we’re gonna do our first US tour from April to May and then we’re gonna do work tour two weeks to that so I’m really really excited about that and our records coming out in between then so Kyle anything if there was a chance right now a dream could come true with you and something you would like to do because it’s beautiful communion of bands of what you guys support one was awesome anything you would like to do that that you are already looking at yeah I means two things like my goal with this record is I want a headline shows and I want I’m so excited about having a record coming out because people can already know all the material and come to the shows and be familiar with it you know because tonight I mean I love I love tonight too because tonight we came in no one knew who we were and then it’s a challenge of trying to win fans over so I like that challenge too but I’m also really looking forward to having people come out and know the music so it’s that and then I want to help people with the music so anywhere here from the 702 Donaldo wants to say thank you very much thank you for doing what you’re doing I really appreciate and we want to know more about you guys if you could just give us a high point for the 702 news this is Kyle February darkness and years in this 7 or 2 news thank you very much gracias cut up yeah Chris de nada thank you very much

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