Interview With The Rival Sons

this is our reincarnation today of Jim Morrison a Led Zeppelin and with a great American town can you tell us what’s now happening with with the rival stones well you know what this is a this is the last night of a tour so there was a lot of there’s a great feeling of victory you know and so we’re gonna go home and we’re gonna do the Jimmy Kimmel show next week and at the end of this week we need to hop in the studio and in record for a special vinyl a secret thing that we’re going to be putting out just a couple of weeks and then and then in the middle of the month we got to go back out on tour and go back out we start in Germany and we have a very extensive European tour and then we’re gonna come back and then we’re gonna do some more touring it’s basically the same thing over and over and hopefully we’re gonna be able to get back into the studio as soon as possible I want to thank you first of all because this is it’s been a long time since I saw a bad exploding with talent and with rock and wall rock and roll blues and I mean so much mysticism can you tell us your inspiration before it before you start singing once you start focusing because that’s when you unleash and it was a beautiful experience to see such a wonderful human being doing what he loves and at the same time saying a beautiful positive word to all the people out there well you know a lot of people will try to they’ll try to say things that they glorify themselves or they’ll try to tell me that it’s not very rock and roll to to try to be a nice guy and my real inspiration and all I’m thinking about is love and I understand how happy that sounds but that’s that’s really all that’s all I’m doing you know I’m trying to close the gap because people people feel very isolated from each other and they don’t need to and I I really believe that that’s what music is for mister it’s to make people feel less alone and that’s all I’m thinking I’m just trying to bridge that gap you know and whatever meager way I’m capable of I want to thank you because I saw you spirit I mean it was a beautiful experience with what you do and especially being such a young man from California I just really I just can’t stop congratulating because it’s beautiful to see something out of the ordinary coming to the extraordinary and make that connection thank you so much and thank you for coming out and supporting this well I just wanted to share this because I couldn’t leave without talking with you this is my name is Donald Rogers from from the 702 Louis MO says Don español para todo mundo rocky Roe music is for everybody love la musica no tiene from Terrence so I want to thank you again je who can a muchas gracias beautiful thank you very much god bless you thank you God iced tea

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