Interview With Aryn Jonathan Black From Scorpion Child

Wow well out of nowhere we have a beautiful surprise today I want to share this I’m very excited first of all because today was a beautiful night I had a great opportunity to interview clutch and this is a very unique night here at the Hard Rock Cafe but I have a great surprise for you audience right now I have the singer of this band that I know it’s from Austin Texas and they’re called scorpion child and I’m here with the signal can you give you your name in what you do on scorpion child please oh allah this is aaron from scorpion child Aaron I was extremely surprised to see such a band with so much energy and so much rock and roll can you give us a little history of your beautiful band yeah we’ve been a band for about five years this is like our first major major tour we’re really excited to be a part of it clutch and orange gobbling especially and lionize it’s a great great group of people everybody’s heavy everybody’s delivering a good energy so it’s a pleasure for us to be here on this on this circuit how many albums do you guys have because I mean I can see a lot of discipline a lot of great stuff and again I was just been been right because your your energy that was there I mean you guys were balls up front very cool rock and roll yes it’s really intense energy it’s channeled from seven many different emotions many different musical backgrounds we have a debut album coming up on nuclear blast records and it’s it’s coming out in like a month and a half sometime at the end of May we’re really excited about it and it’s gonna rule ass okay so right now you guys this your outdoor so you guys when did he start playing as a man it’s about five years ago like 2007 late 2007 it was just two of us at the time but then we slowly added members to the to the faculty and and now it’s you know we’ve let some people go we’ve gained some people and now we finally have the client of the personnel that we need to to really kick everyone’s ass what would you could sit consider your music what type of rock and roll cuz I know it’s rock and roll but for me I mean it has a vintage perspective of like a newer style of rock and roll what kind of meaning you know most musical styles have already been accomplished who are just adding like a more energetic like more Punk focus on like 70s rock and roll you know well first of all I want to congratulate you because again this was one of the real good surprised to see a band with such energy and you as a frontman you do I can tell you love what you do anything else you’d like to say for the for the people that are listening because again this is what we like to do scout for talent and talent that is hungry like you guys see hit us up on Facebook scorpion child just google us look us up you know follow us so you see where we’re gonna be touring plan shows and in your country very soon so thank you very much I was a honor to be with you and first of all I want to thank you again because that was so cool Cheers thank you we chose that I says Papa yes

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