Interview With Mike Score From A Flock of Seagulls

hello everybody right here in a very exclusive moment we’re out of the blue we have a beautiful interview with them gentlemen with the legend with an icon a very hearty hard-working musician let me present to you mr. Mike score the lead singer the founder flock of seagulls how are you Mike I’m doing very well I’m just excited I’m glad we had a chance to touch a little bass because it’s been a while since we talked with you and can you tell us right now what’s happening little flock of seagulls we guys that went tour and yeah well two tours right now babies babies live for and we’re doing about eight or ten shows on that and then the other so we’re on it so for the regeneration soar with Howard Jones the Mandy Bell and a few other a band and we’re having a really great summer I mean we’re busy we’re rushing around going everywhere playing having having a good time and that’s what being in a band is all about yeah exactly last time I talked with you I mean you were very happy exactly that’s what you were saying you feel like you’re going camping everywhere yeah we go camping except instead of going to bed at night we go and play a big gig and party out and then we move on for the next time around or gig and it you know they have nice backstage or you can hang out hang out with the other bands and fast future what you’re doing where do you want to go what you’d like to do so it just sounds like a bunch of friends moving on make the next but it’s fun well can you tell us about your your solo album that you’re about to release Mike yeah I guess it’s about two years ago now I woke up one morning and I decided I’d record this all songs that I sold all I want to do so we started recording that and then I said well let’s record a couple of others to go with it and we’ll put out an EP so after a couple of months and getting started on about 12 or 15 songs I said well let’s make an LC let’s take a full-on CD you know so we just stopped working and working and sometimes I was thinking this should be a album and then other times I’m thinking up you know I’m doing those two the playing on this I’m doing all the right things I always wanted to put a solo album out so let this be my solo album and it’s turned out for me I think it’s pronounced great I’m really happy with it you know the Fingal is already out getting a lot of reaction that something that won’t go out maybe late October and hopefully the album in November the only thing that’s holding the outlet right now is the artwork I’m Sora and I’m doing the artwork so the alt is not yes like I think to me it’s as good as anything I ever did with a focus we go it’s a little different it’s a little more contemporary but it’s definitely got like an 80s course sound fit wow that sounds very interesting on that you’re doing something like that because that sure gonna make you evolve as a musician and at the same time be more satisfied with what you’re doing another question tell me or it’s just gonna stay when you play with the band everybody has input when you write a song and you give itself and it may turn out phrase but it probably doesn’t turn out exactly the way you envisioned it but when you do a solo you have complete control then things turn out to be more like your intended in the first place Wow yes I’m yeah I can relate to that and are you are you planning to do any remixes with your solos or or any remixes with flock of seagulls because you have some very very good dance tunes and last time I said you know I should have asked that tonight there’s people wanting to dream it oh I do have a couple of he’s doing some decide whether they should go out or not I would love to do the people track such terrible thing that we had risen ban and everything was so and about needs to go and inside that band were all my size with all my tracks arm and everything so we mix things first I’ll film probably be remaking it will be re recording and then remixes so things sister and fight different you know this is re reporting other ideas will come flying in but it also opens another door for you to rethink what you did go in a different direction Wow Wow that sounds very interesting another thing I wanted to touch base with you to hike is that we’ve been getting a lot of a lot of people from Mexico been calling us and saying hey why don’t you guys put at or do something in Mexico because there’s a lot of people who listen to the flock of seagulls and other 80s band and it’s like the promoters have have not really looked into that is there any way any possibility that flock of seagulls can do a tour with other bands like the last 80 things but in like country like Mexico oh yeah I mean there is actually a huge show we’re playing in Mexico City on the 3rd just of the regeneration tour and that is I think our motion fans and we’re on that show that should be a really big though and you know we played in Mexico a few times and gunned down in South America and we loved it and with the band problem basically lies with with samosas being in touch with our agents in setting something up because we’re a band we like to play so really we’ll go anywhere and say as long as it makes sense you are three years and you know it it’s not like we’re gonna walk over you know if you know what I’m saying it’s not too hard to get there we will get there beautiful why I’m glad I’m very glad to hear that I’m very glad that there’s something happening in Mexico City on September 3rd because we have had that conversation and I mean people have called me personally and tell me but says you know what just you guys couldn’t offer something that I’m sure something could happen but I really employ your effort of doing what you’re doing after 30 years of touring and after 30 years of having fun and at the same time just being a kid in an in a cool different way like you and be in the crowd and watch them enjoy it that makes you enjoy yourself you know god bless your soul Mike I really appreciate you giving us a little time when I always please always have us in mind because we always like to know what the flock of seagulls are doing what you’re doing and is there any other thing that we should tell people about what’s happening right now you know we just we just want to keep it interesting for us you keep it interesting for anyone that’s interested in us and I would say to everybody Facebook me on my site I think what you want those where you want to go and you know then we can say our agency we you know people down and through or Mexico whatever are interested in us so what did you solve it for most of them then let’s go and have fun down there beautiful beautiful I love those words because that’s a great possibility and anything can happen in this technological world right now yeah I just want to thank you again right for being such a kind of gentleman and and again we love sharing everything you do and anything you have please have please habits in mind because you’re at the 702 news don’t comment okay don’t let we’re always ready to to spread the word out special if it’s music especially if it’s a DS with icons like yourself right well thank you very much may God bless you and Lola Tanis all right



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