Bomba Estereo

If you are looking for some modern Colombian style of music, then you know that one band name that you will see creep up on a fairly regular basis is Bomba Estereo. However, what you may not know is how this band started, what it is famous for, or even why the band has continued to grow in popularity to the point that the fans are often rabid about the music they are playing and will provide you with some of the best sounds possible to come from Colombia. Now, it is time to learn what makes the electro vacilon style of the band so popular and more about the band.


Bomba Estero was founded in 2005 in Bogota, which is the capital city of Colombia. Simon Mejia is the founder of the band and he is definitely one of the leading drivers for the band and helped to make the popularity of the band grow even more. What is really interesting is the name when it is translated to English means it is the stereo bomb. So this is definitely a great lead-in for the band as they are going to be a band that has played some great music in the history of the band.

Style Of Music

The type of music they play is often called the electro vacilon, which is a term that is often looked down upon by the band. However, people have found the band is going to be having that style of music to enjoy, but it can be difficult for some people to get involved with. The band itself tends to consider itself more of a really cool or an awesome type of band that people are going to want to listen to and know the music will keep people happy, but the music is definitely something that has a tendency to be considered more of a psychedelic type that people are able to enjoy.

Now, you may think that the Bomba Estereo was the first foray into a music of the Simon, but that would be a mistake. He was actually a musician with the band Charconautas in the 1990s and that was his first real introduction into the world of music. However, the band that he was part of was something that people would loosely call the A.M. 770, which was a group that had their music influenced quite heavily by Sidestepper and other bands that were playing in the early 1990’s.

With A.M. 770 starting to become a major part of Simon’s time he decided it was time to rebrand the group and that is what came to be known as Bomba Estereo. The efforts would not be wasted as in 2006 he would be able to release a 7 song mini album that would help to drive the band’s popularity and allow people to see the band was one that could easily become one of the major hits in the Colombian music scene for people to enjoy.

The vocalist that was featured on the album was actually one who would grow into a leading rap artist in the region in Liliana “Li” Saumet who was the lead singer. What is really interesting is by the year 2008 formed the group would be a full band and they would release the second album called Estalla. The main feature of the album was the fact that Saumet was going to be the lead singer of the group at the time and it would help to spur the popularity of the album to levels that the band did not really expect to see.


Since the release of the second album, the group has released several more albums, with each one growing in popularity as they are growing. However, the band continues to tour and in the city of Miami was one of the headline acts of the FM Festival. The group did lose one member in 2017 and that was Julian Salazar who finally admitted that he was completely separated from the band and that was something that the band did see as a loss, but the band has been able to build on the loss of him and seem to have a chance to come back even stronger.


While you may think the Colombian band Bomba Estereo has not won any awards they are not that good of a band. However, this is not true as a lot of the great bands were only nominated for the awards and never won any of them. That is the case so far for Bomba Estereo who have been nominated 8 different Grammy awards that they did not win. However, the group did win three different Grammies, but that has been several years in the past. In 2018 the band has already been nominated for three more Latin Grammy Awards, but the results are not known.

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