Dorian is a great Spanish band that was actually started in Barcelona in the year 2004. However, the band was not one that would really hold a lot of popularity immediately like some of the bands of the modern world. Instead, it would take some time for the blend of music to catch on to the ears of people and over time Dorian actually became known as one of the best and most recognized bands on the Spanish national music scene.


What is really interesting is the band takes its name from one of the founders Marc Dorian who is the main composer. However, the other founding members are Belly Hernandez who handles quite a bit for the band and even helps with the vocals and piano playing along with the synthesizers. The other band member who was a founder of the group is Bart Sanz who handles all the bass for the group. The group did add on two additional members after a short time period and that is Lisandro Montes who helps with the guitars but also helps on the synthesizers and the vocals as well. The band also has brought in Victor Lopez who handles the drumming for the group.


What has helped the band grow in popularity is the fact the band is one that frequently tours around the region of Spain, France, and Portugal. However, the band also has been seen touring around Latin America as well. All of these tours have helped to spread the name and fame of the band, but also has led to them getting a new fan base they were not really sure they would be able to get before.

The band is part of a YouTube sensation as well. The band has managed to get quite a few videos that have become fairly viral on the channel and some of them are clocking in at several million views. So it is very easy to see how popular the band is, but what is really interesting is the band’s fame is not just left on the areas they have been touring as the band has been able to reach most of those views from places they have never toured before.


The downside is even with the popularity of the band they have had some issues in getting the coverage and awards they do deserve. The band has been nominated for the Independent Mexican music award as the Best Spanish Artist, but they have also been nominated for independent music awards in Spain as well. As far as more of a regional or international type of awards the band has been nominated before for the MTV European Music Awards in 2010. So the band has had some small claims to fame and that has to be better than nothing at all.


The band has released a Live CD that was recorded during the concert at the Arenal Sound Festival in 2015. This was definitely something the band welcomed as the album was one that received some popularity once it was released. No matter what, Dorian really helped to bring some new sounds to the Indie music scene in Spain as the band combined a wide variety of genres from new wave, electronic, and rock all into one. All of these forms combined together really helped the band become one of the more popular groups for the past few years and definite is going to continue to grow in the future years as the band is still popular and continues to grow in the popularity they have formed over the years they have been together.

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