Los Divididos

Rock Band Los Divididos

Sometimes bands are formed from other bands, and that’s what happened in the case of Los Divididos. One of the band members of Sumo died in 1987, and the band subsequently dissolved. His name was Luca Prodan, and out of that tragedy came the new band, Los Divididos, which translates to ‘Divided.’


Los Divididos was originally called La Division, and the rock band from Argentina was started in 1988. A nickname for the group is ‘Leveller of Rock.’ In a day and age when the rock is becoming a less popular genre of music, this band has stuck together and has thrived. In Argentina, the group was honored with awards for both the best song and album of the first decade of the 21st century.

The band has also been given other awards throughout the years, including the Platinum Konex Award. There are a total of three band members. Two of them have been with the band since its inception. The band, however, has changed drummers multiple times throughout the years.

Los Divididos has its own original music, but the band also plays cover songs. The band has released a total of 8 original studio albums, 3 live albums, and 6 studio albums. Their first studio album was released in 1989, and the title is ’40 Drawings There in the Floor.’ The band last released an album in 2011. It was a live album named ‘Audio and Water.’

Albums & Songs

Voodoo Child is one of the songs that the band has covered. You might recognize that song as one released by Jimi Hendrix. Then there is ‘Light My Fire,’ too, which is a song many people are familiar with that was released by The Doors.

Remember that Los Divididos came from the band Sumo, and so the band also has decided to cover certain Sumo songs over the years. Los Divididos is a widely popular band that has now been around for decades. If you look at information about the band Sumo, you discover that it was an underground band that wasn’t around for very long. Furthermore, the leader and founder of the band was the one who passed away, Luca Prodan.

So while it already made sense that the band dissolved after his death, it really makes sense now. Some bands pick up and carry on after a member’s death, honoring the person who has passed. Yet in this case, Luca was the founder of the band. How the band members honor him now have they formed a band that has become mainstream, and they cover Sumo songs. Luca Prodan would be proud.

Diego Arnedo and Ricardo Mollo are the two band members from Sumo that are in Los Divididos. The other original band member was Gustavo Collado. He was the drummer, but of course, the band has had multiple drummers since then as mentioned. Los Divididos transcends genre in many ways, while still staying in the rock realm. They are part alternative rock, hard rock, folk rock, funk rock and new wave rock.

The band is still going strong after 30 years, and they have upcoming concerts on schedule. While it has been years since they have released an album, you would think they might turn that corner here shortly.

What you might not have known is that another band formed after the band Sumo dissolved. The band is Las Pelotas, and the group is still current. Its lead singer left in 2008 to begin a solo career, but he passed away in 2009. Now you know a little more information not just about Los Divididos, but about Sumo and Las Pelotas, too.

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