Luca Prodan

When you think of an Italian-Scottish descent musician you will often think right away of Luca Prodan. This great musician was born in 1953 in the city of Rome, Italy. However, he would lead a short life as he would die in 1987 in Argentina a country that at the time was filled with quite a bit of turmoil that the people would have to deal with over the coming years.


Luca, who had a major claim to fame as the lead singer of the group Sumo was going to be one of the most influential singers in Argentina at the time. In some music circles, he was actually considered to be one of the most influential singers and bandleaders of the last quarter of the twentieth century with his musical talents and the way that he was able to put his spin on the music that he loved so much.

Now, as for his early life, Prodan would be born to his parents shortly after they returned from China. Yes, they came back from China after the invasion of the country by the Japanese and Prodan would be born in the 1950’s. However, the family did not come back from China as being a poor family as Prodan’s father had been able to set up a rather good trade doing pottery sales and business in the region. The only thing that forced him out was the Japanese army and forces were making his work impossible to complete, so he returned to Italy.

Once Prodan was born the family would move to Scotland so the young Prodan could attend one of the best schools in all the world at the time. That school was the Gordonstoun College, which is actually the same school that you would see Prince Charles attend and graduate from. So you can tell from this information that Prodan had parents that were very caring for him and his education as they would go on to help foster his education at every point they possibly could.

Prior to graduation Prodan would leave the school and move to London on his own. He would then form several different bands while working at EMI at the time. He would take these bands to new levels, but none of these bands was able to reach the same level of reach and superstardom that Prodan was able to obtain when he was working with Sumo.

Prodan would remain in London until the outbreak of a heroin crisis, similar to that of the world today. During this time he would move himself to the Cordoba region in Argentina onto the farm of a friend of his. He was seeking the peace that he would need to get his life back on track and help that would keep him from lapsing back into the heroin that had nearly taken his life.

It was shortly after this time period that Prodan would found and form the dynamic and popular band of Sumo. This band would be very popular for several years to come and he would still be playing in the band when he would die.

Prodan never had an official reason for his death, but there has been speculation that it was from a heart attack or even cirrhosis of his liver from the time that he had spent partying before getting cleaned up. All that is known is that shortly before Christmas in 1987 he would pass away in Buenos Aires. However, his legend would live on as people from South America and parts of Europe would start to use his name in the graffiti works they would spray paint all over the place.

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