Interview With The Soft White Sixties

this is Joey the German soft white 60s gautama kennel net hey this is Ryan from the soft white 60s go to Hokkaido net and download the app today this is Erin from the soft white 60s go to Hokkaido neck and download the app today and have sex and have a lot of wet sex all right right here right now outside of the bunkhouse here in beautiful Las Vegas about where we have the opportunity to share the microphone with a very cool band from San Francisco can you guys give us your name and what’s the name of your cool band the soft white 60s my name is joy Bustos I play the drums name is Aaron Eisenberg I play the guitar my name’s Ryan I play the bass my name is Octavio I sing hey guys first of all I want to thank you guys because it’s it’s very rare to see a band with such humbleness and such great music and just love what they do and play it and do it in a very cool way thank you very much I appreciate first of all you letting us share a microphone with you kids we want to know what’s going on with you guys because it’s I’m overwhelmed yesterday when I saw you guys because I saw that connection with the people now that can you tell us what’s the concept of the soft blue whites so I’m sorry soft white 60s because I think the concept is rock and roll first of all but having a good time we want to connect with the fans we want to have a dance party we want people to have a good time I shouldn’t say dance party but we want people to have a good time enjoy themselves have a smile on their face I drink in their hand and just enjoy being out and about on a on a night and you know having a good time yes because the reason I say that because yesterday I heard a lot of funk cuts I heard soul I heard rock-and-roll a little bit of sweat maybe – a lot of sex as well exactly very very very sexual exactly because I mean you could hear that and when I was talking with with Tommy hope now he was telling me you know yes I mean it’s a lot about rhythms and all that um could you guys tell me how can we share how you were telling us a little while ago how you guys met I meant Elfi out a party and he was playing acoustic guitar and I was taken aback he sounded amazing and I was impressed by his very genuine sound and I was intrigued to meet this guy so I asked a friend who he was and we ended up meeting and started jamming and then kinda I went from there Joe you were telling me you’ve been doing this for 20 years yes sir 20 years I’ve been in four bands in 20 years been doing it for a while but this is the best band I’ve ever been in ever okay and now since you’re the front man where do you see right now where are you going with with with your band right now what do you see what what immediate future you see immediate future I mean we’re gonna finish this tour go back and start writing our new album and then from there on well I mean we want to go to Europe we want to go to other countries we want to just expand our reach that’s it I would say immediate future is new album broader reach and how was this experience with this with the rival to rival sunsets it was a the last part of the tour where we got to see you guys te shares yeah touring with rebel suns was a very good experience for us they’re a band that’s I would say a more successful professional level than we are at so it’s always good to support a larger band which Brit can bring a lot of exposure I think us and the rival stones have a lot of have a lot in common stylistically though it is different there’s a common thread we both like rock and roll would like to have a good time and they were wonderful guys the band was great and it was it was a great experience for for them to invite us it was actually you know we’re very appreciative that they allowed us to share it with them Wow yeah you know what that’s another thing I see the humbleness and you guys because that makes greatness now about greatness and frontiers I was hearing and you know what it would be very cool if you guys sang in Spanish yeah that’s coming next Oh that’ll be on the next album yeah I keep on to be there I’m telling them every now and then I’ll hear Bobby Oh Sherman his guitar and he will sing in Spanish it sounds very very good and I think it’s you know it’s something that we should explore more it’s a talent he has it’ll be on the next album I’ll be there for sure Wow yeah because again you guys live where there’s a melting pot with a lot of different people yeah that’s California exactly yeah California is a whole melting pot especially I mean I mean I mean as far as far as as far as you go through the United States during California’s got the very big melting pot and what’s going on there if you guys had an opportunity to share the stage with either our soloist or AB or AB and who would be who would be who what do you think let’s go individually and see who you would think well what’s funny it’s a good question but we actually were asked this last night and someone said like dream tour and I said spoon cuz I’m a big fan I think would be a great tour but I wasn’t shooting so high to the sky I’m a big fan of spoon I think that would be a great tour I think we would we would fit well together it would be a great experience it’s just that fun time for us but I think in terms of like what’s like a huge band to tour with I mean I think these guys could say there’s a number of bands that would be fun that I think it would be a dream it wouldn’t be a reality but what do you guys say I mean yeah I mean I love love to tour with a band like Queens of the Stone Age there’s a lot of them you know they’re great like modern rock and roll bands but at the same time I think I think we have a really good time with someone like Bruno Mars at the same time as well so you know there’s for me there’s a really big big list there’s a lot of great artists that are playing right now that are bigger and better than we are they would be nice to play with Tom painting the heartbreakers would be one of the all-time dreams you know if that happened that would be kind of a dream but I love also Queens of the Stone Age Wilco spoon Arctic Monkeys there’s there’s a lot of great great bands that right now so what about you I’d say I mean the bands that they set to but I mean like this bands like Zoe and café tacuba that we would love to for those bands come to San Francisco someone come to talk about they came here and they played this difficult tournament bring you know a good amount of people and those are the I feel very touching on something that we could be part of you know that’s that’s drum Lord playing with them right yeah so those are bands that one of our good friends to start playing Keys Rizzo I mean that’s when I started listening to them more and this they just I like when bands from what if I’m like Meg or the South America whatever the foam but it can come I mean there’s a lot of good Vance in it that come to us and do great shows you know for us if we’re able to over something like someone like that I’d be good you know especially covered the cooler covered that googas just they encompass so much it’s like reggae it’s rock it’s on B its soul it’s hip-hop I mean it’s they’re gonna be here yeah well that’s what I mean that’s that’s not a catheter Google but I mean they’re that when I heard that pan was the first time a lot of bands in the u.s. don’t combine genres that much you know and cover the girl has everything I mean Cheddar’s you come here to do rock and roll they do hip hop they do I mean that’s everything together which is great because I don’t yeah II I don’t think any anybody listens to just one genre people don’t think of jamas at all it’s always I think it’s always very inspirational to discover an artist that can sort of make a cocktail of styles I think modern music contains all the music of history so there’s a lot of hybridization going on there’s a lot of cross pollenization or styles and we would I think we would like to be a part of that you know I think when we started we were thinking classic rock and soul but it evolved out of that and now we’re trying to include other other flavors into the into the total style of the band and it be it’s gonna be fun in the years to come to see what how the style evolves and hopefully it always in cludes rhythm fun force and sex sexiness and just pain groove just rhythm fun and all that well thank you very much I want to thank you guys for being if we’re giving us this time and being a little intimate because this is what makes bands great when you have a chance to share the microphone share with the world and I appreciate all the great bands that you guys talked about what makes things like this happen is that you guys do this because there’s people like you that care about bands and care about music that want to promote things that aren’t on a big corporate level and for us at this level we’re on it what you guys do is so big and you guys expand our reach to some huge things that we could never do so it’s like you guys are doing things that that people don’t do you know I mean you’re fighting against a big a big machine and it’s thank you for having us with you well we believe in you guys and that’s why when Victor meat came out we were we were covering the George Thorogood and we just did three songs and they said let’s go over there but we didn’t get to see the show today but we saw it yesterday but most of all that clicked that human part that distinguishes you from being a musician to being a human being thank you thank you very much and from Rocio to the world we know you guys are gonna go very far

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