Catupecu Machu

There is a band out of Argentina by the name of Catupecu Machu which got started in the 1990s. They actually originated from Buenos Aires. It was formed by a couple of brothers, Gabriel and Fernando Ruíz, with Fernando as the lead singer. He also played bass and guitars. There was another man by the name of Agustín Rocino that was on the drums. There were other base guitarists, as well as another man that played on the keyboards. Here is a brief overview of this band which is known for rock music of all different genres, a musical group that you may want to consider listening to.

Origins Of Catupecu Machu

This band began with only three people, a trio that decided to get together back in 1994. It was the Ruíz brothers, and drummer Marcelo Baraj, they got together and started playing underground concerts. They started playing all throughout the country, and they became well-known after playing at the New Rock Festival back in 1997 in Córdoba. From that point forward, after a little bit of frustration over fans bootlegging their songs, they created a second album. Some of the tracks were life, whereas others were recorded in a studio. In 2000, they created 1/3 album called Cuentos Decapitados. This was actually edited in New York City, and it was shown to have many improvements, especially over the lyrics in the songs, leading them to receive very positive reviews from critics and a subsequent award on MTV for producing Best Latin Video of the year.

Their Rise To The Top

Subsequent to the release of Cuentos Decapitados, and the awards and prays they had received, they played at Arena Obras Sanitarias which was broadcast multiple times on MTV. It is this exposure that allowed them to gain a much wider audience, and they started playing all throughout Argentina Paraguay, Uruguay, and also the United States. When they received MTV awards again in 2002, they decided to do a tour in 2003 throughout Los Angeles. They peaked in popularity shortly thereafter, changing out a few of the band members, and then released Cuadros dentro de Cuadros which would be their fourth album. This would be followed up by many other albums and awards, leading up to the accident suffered by Gabriel Ruíz Díaz which put the band on a slight hold. Although he is constantly recovering, the band continued to move forward, having multiple appearances at concerts in Argentina and many other locations.

What Are They Doing Today?

Today they are still playing, experimenting with different types of rock including experimental, Argentine, industrial, and even pop rock. It is a group that is well aware of changes in society, in the interest of new age groups that are coming along. They are constantly modifying their sound to not only stay original but to cater to what will eventually become their new audience. Although they are primarily playing in areas such as Argentina, they are well-known because of their awards and appearances on MTV.

This is a band that has gone through many different incarnations, all the while maintaining their name. Despite problems along the way, including the accident of one of the brothers, they continue to move forward and become even more well-known and recognized. If you like alternative rock, you will certainly want to consider this music if you have never heard of them before. There is a reason that they have been given many awards and it is because of the lyrics and the songs that they create which are exceptional by the very high standards of the music industry.

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