Jarabe de Palo

Spanish rock music is not normally what comes to mind first when people think of Spanish music. However, when they start to look a little bit deeper they will notice that Spain has a fine list of singers who have been able to make their presence known and have become major rock groups in Spain, Europe, and in some cases the entire globe. One of those rock groups that has had the fans loving the Spanish style of rock music is the group Jarabe de Palo. Since this is the case, it is time for people to learn more about this amazing band.

The band is one that is led mainly by the singer, songwriter, and guitarist Pau Dones. So as you can already tell this is a band that follows the typical tradition of having the guitarist and singing being the man in charge of the group. So this will allow the fans to know who the leader of the band is and know who they will want to follow if the band ever did split apart.

The band was formed in 1996, but they would continue to work with the same record label until they tired of working with this company. When they got tired of working with this label the band decided they would not want to work with another label and formed their own record label in 2008. The label they founded was called Tronco Records. The worst part for the band as they had to abandon the name Jarabe de Palo as the old record label was able to retain the rights to the name. Since this was the case, the band decided to do something that would still allow them to maintain their fan base and renamed themselves JarabedePalo without any of the spaces.

Once the band entered into their own label they would get busy really quickly. The band would release the first album in 2009, but it would mainly be a redone version of the groups older songs. However, the songs would be brought up to the modern standard and for the loyal fans who did buy the album, they would be treated to a release of a new song on the album as well.

The band did not slow down from that point as they would go on to release two more albums that were mainly all new music. The albums would be released in 2011 and again in 2014. So the band is due for another release as they have been releasing every few years. No matter what, the independent label definitely helped the band out as they were able to grow their relationship with the fans and having control of the label has allowed them to determine more of the factors with the music they have been producing.

The band has done quite a bit of work as they have helped with several movie soundtracks. At the same time, the band has been nominated for quite a few awards. This even includes some nominations for the Grammy awards for some of the work they have done in the past. The frontman for the band Dones has worked in the past and composed music for the mega superstar Ricky Martin. Not to mention the band was also included in some of the music videos with the worldwide star Alanis Morissette. So it is easy to see this is a band that has seen quite a bit of success and seems to be continuing to get the success that should be keeping the band moving forward for years to come.

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