The Mexican Fusion Rock Band Botellita de Jerez

Rock music has been very popular in Mexico for decades, many times referred to as Rock Nacional. Some of its popularity is due to the closeness to the United States and the millions of people passing across the border in both directions. In addition to that, Mexico has a variety of musical influences that mirror the United States including the European music brought over by immigrants several hundred years ago. Add to that the African influences and culture that surround the Caribbean and there are a lot of interesting cultures bringing different types of melodies into the country. The area surrounding Mexico City has long been a hotbed for the creation of rock and other various musical styles. The band Botellita de Jerez is one of those bands that’s had some great success since their inception in 1982.

Rock Fusion Could Be A Good Description Of Botellita de Jerez’s Music

Due to the many types of music that are available to listen to, from the Caribbean to American rock classics, it’s no wonder this band plays a combination of cumbia, rock, Mexican traditional, and son music all combined into their own distinct style. They happen to call it rock guacamole due to the many different beats, vocals, instruments, and melodies.

Suffice to say, it’s very energetic and festive music that gets the audience up off their feet and dancing. They add to that lyrics that are considered satirical that lightheartedly criticize the government, police, and life in general of Mexico. It is a certain attitude that many Mexicans have adopted for decades to cope with the corruption and chaos involved in living in Mexico. Through their music, Botellita de Jerez has found a way to make fun of the situation while entertaining their crowds.

They Put Together A Film That Reflects Their Music

The lead singer for the band is Sergio Arau and he directed what was considered a “Mocumentary” called Naco es Chido. The story was about the fictional breakup of a band similar to Botellita de Jerez and then how they reunited. The members of the band act in the movie and portray themselves, plus there are interviews with other bands and celebrities who give opinions about the breakup and eventual reunion of the band.

The movie is very similar to their music in that they take a comedic look at life in Mexico in general and making music in particular to examine the trials and tribulations of being in a rock band in Mexico. Some of the interviews were actually real, yet they are mixed in with satire along with news reports to make an interesting story.

The film was a very limited release in very few theaters but is still well reviewed and often rented on DVD. There are also thousands of street vendors that sell the DVD in a bootleg form to anyone wishing to buy it. Bootlegging of DVDs is quite common in many Latin American countries where sidewalk vendors have everything you could desire in music or movies.

Over the years the band has released quite a few albums starting in 1984 with the self-titled Botellita de Jerez. After that came La Verganza del Hijo Del Guacarock, or “The Revenge Of the Guatarock Boy.” Then there was Naco es Chido in 1987, Nina de Mis Ojos in 1989, and Busca Amor in 1990. And an additional 6 more albums spaced about two years apart until they cooled off in 2000.

The band has quit touring after nearly 30 years together keeping Mexican rock music alive and well. They have a Myspace page and should they get back together and decide to make a new album or tour, they’ll definitely notify all of their fans there.

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