Los Autenticos Decadentes

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When you think of Latin American music you think of the beautiful melodies that have a tendency to come floating down out of the songs for you to enjoy. However, what you need to realize is a lot of different bands are present and each one brings their own unique style that you can enjoy. That is when you should know about Los Autenticos Decadentes. When you know about this band you are going to see it is a band that combines the beautiful Latin American style of music with some of the ska style music that is wildly popular. The band that has managed to do this perfectly is Los Autenticos Decadentes.

Now, Autenticos Decadentes is a band that was formed in Argentina in 1986. This allowed the band to have quite a bit in the way of exposure as they were formed at a time when the music scene was starting to change and even starting to become one of the best times for bands that were specializing in ska and even rock music. However, the unique combination that Autenticos Decadentes with the Latin music was definitely going to help the band out in becoming wildly popular for people.

The band was also noted for having lyrics that were going to be some of the funny and light-hearted types that they would become popular for having in the songs. The band would even have a major hit based off of this type of lyrics and that it would actually be called Veni Raquel. This is a great song and one that helped the band out in becoming even more popular because the band would have the lyrics that people would want to hear and listen to for years to come.

The band would be able to land several different major record deals as well. As they would start off with Radio Tripoli, but that partnership would only lead to them having a jumping point to the very popular American labels of RCA who they were with for eight years and Sony Music who they are still with to this date. The band is also with the record label Tocka Discos as well and this is a current deal with Sony that the band has had in the workings for some time.

The band is popular with several celebrities in Argentina as they are a band that likes to include them in the some of the songs. The band has even managed to get Guillermo Nimo in the songs that were meant to engage him, but what is very interesting is Nimo is an icon for the Argentine people as he was a football referee for so long that the people have even considered him as being a saint. However, the band has also engaged Alberto Castillo who is another singer and one that is popular for the people to know about as well as he is a candombe singer that has been wildly popular among the people.

What has helped Autenticos Decadentes in becoming popular across generations is the fact that they did not focus down on a single group or style of music. The band has gone and combined some of the different traditions from the cantina songs, murga bands, and even the canzonetta style of music. All of these are different styles that have allowed the band to connect with multiple generations over the time and this has helped the band in getting the sounds they would want to have, but also helps the band stay attractive to people of all ages and is what has helped the band remain popular.

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