Tierra Santa

Tierra Santa – A Spanish Rock Band

When you hear the term Tierra Santa you may not think about the rock band. In fact, you may even think more about the Holy Land which is what this word, when translated properly, turns into. So this is definitely a little bit confusing, but in this case, we are talking about the Spanish rock band that is called Tierra Santa. What is really interesting is this band is one that is fairly young when you compare it to some of the other bands that were formed in Spain as a rock band and that makes it a great thing to note.

The band was formed in 1997 and unlike most of the bands that have a distinct leader in the band, it is one that was formed and actually formed more as a partnership than anything else. So this will make it easier for people to know that the band is one that they are going to enjoy because it actually has a partnership and does not have the bloated ego of any of the single singers that you would have really never thought about having getting this type of an ego before.

What else is interesting is the band was formed in a region that a lot of people would never think about having a strong musical, let along a rock band influence for them to enjoy. The formation was actually completed in La Rioja, Spain. This is a region that has not really had many notable people come from, which is what else helps to make the band such a shocker.

When the band was formed in 1997 it would actually make its debut on the music scene that same year. That would be done on the album that they would release that was entitled Medieval. That was an album that the band would have released and would see it gain some popularity, but it would not become nearly the platinum or gold records that people would have liked to have seen being released. So this is definitely something the band would need to be concerned about because they would have liked to have had a more popular release, but the band did make one mistake and that has they released the album well before they decided to go on tour.

Once the album was released the band decided it was time to go on tour. They would go on the road with Avalanche and another band that was named Mago de Oz. The tour they took would mainly focus on Spain and would not really leave the country, but it was definitely a tour the band needed to have as it would inject some additional exposure to the band and what they were able to offer for the fans, but also by touring with other bands it allowed them to be exposed to the fans of the other bands as well.

The band would come to the United States in 2004 and they would take a tour of America. This was the first time the band would take a tour of America and it would only last four more years for the band as they would break apart in 2008. However, the breakup was a short-lived one as the band would also start to get the itch again and would reform again in 2010. This would allow the band to start to recover some of the popularity they had before. In total the band would go on to release a total of 10 albums that were studio recorded and the band would also have one live album that was released.

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