La Lupita – Mexican Rock Band

Mexican rock music is definitely a genre that a lot of people have found to be one of the styles that will have a variety of sub-niches as well inside of the other main niche of rock. This is when you will want to know about some of the different bands that were really able to bring about some of the major movements in the Mexican music and that includes one band that some people have heard of before and that is La Lupita. This is a great band and once you have read more information about the band you will most likely remember the time that you have heard of them before.

The band La Lupita has been one that has been around for quite some time and really has proven that they are a great band that is able to really hold together over the years. The band would release the first album in 1992 and it would be received by different crowds differently so this is something that people need to realize as this was not a record that obtained the overwhelming praise that people would have expected to see with some of the records that were coming out at the time.

The first album, which we mentioned above, is one that had a lot of different types of music listed all on the same title album. The music types would vary from the heavy metal, disco music, funk music, pop, and even the mambo. The album would also have a type of music called the notes. So this is definitely something that the band hoped would be able to appeal to a majority of the different musical crowds in the area, but it would remain to be seen just how successful this would be.


The band would wait a couple of years until they were in London to record their second album. This album would have much of the same types of music on the album and would be seen as the targeted niches that the band was trying to reach at the time. The third album for the band would be coming out in 1996. The band would only wait another two years before they would release the next album they were putting out and that would come in 1998. After this, the band would take a little bit of a break.

The break for releasing the albums would last until the year 2004. It was at this time the band would release the fifth album they have put out and it was more of a compilation type of album. So it is definitely one that would allow the fans to get all the music they would want to have on the album as they were getting the musical hits that were seen from the band La Lupita and it was going to be an album that everyone would find some of the music that people loved with the band.

One shining aspect of La Lupita that has been seen in this Mexican band’s long playing history is the fact that the lyrics are not meant to be taken seriously. These lyrics would be the ones that would go from the serious sounds that people have listened to that would tell a story. However, one aspect that the band has maintained in almost all of the lyrics they have in the songs is the fact they try to keep the lyrics as being more light-hearted and humor abound. What else is funny is the songs that are mildly on a serious note tend to have a sarcastic note to them.

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